1. I Will Kill Again

  2. Yippee Kay Yule
    Jonnie Common & eagleowl

  3. Simple is Good

  4. Split 12" Vol.5
    Various Artists

  5. Secret Kids
    Virgin of the Birds

  6. Insects
    Faith Eliott

  7. Swell to Great
    Modern Studies

  8. Split 12" Vol.4
    Various Artists

  9. Kitchen Sync
    Jonnie Common

  10. The Future

  11. Crippling Lack
    David Thomas Broughton

  12. Taser Revelations
    Adam Stafford

  13. Pictures From the Blackout
    Plastic Animals

  14. Grilled Wiig
    Youngstrr Joey

  15. David Cameron's Eton Mess
    Various Artists

  16. Sunlight on Black Horizon
    Numbers Are Futile

  17. Oh, Supermoon Vol.1

  18. Trouble Comes | Young Sun
    Rob St. John | Woodpigeon

  19. A Distorted Sigh
    Garden of Elks

  20. Be Embraced, You Millions!

  21. Place Is
    Le Thug

  22. Couch King EP
    Passion Pusher

  23. Trapped in Amber
    Jonnie Common

  24. Sliding the Same Way
    David Thomas Broughton & Juice Vocal Ensemble

  25. Split 12" Vol.3
    Various Artists

  26. Farewell, Bastard Mountain
    Bastard Mountain

  27. Winter Seeds
    Virgin of the Birds

  28. Song, by Toad Records 2014 Sampler

  29. The Inevitable Consequences of Your Stupid Behaviour
    Trips and Falls

  30. Oozing a Crepuscular Light
    The Leg

  31. Murderopolis
    Sparrow and the Workshop

  32. Split 12" Vol.2
    Various Artists

  33. Imaginary Walls Collapse
    Adam Stafford

  34. Song, by Toad Records 2013 Sampler

  35. An Eagle to Saturn
    The Leg

  36. Something For the Weakened

  37. Go Native
    Yusuf Azak

  38. Split 12" Vol.1
    Various Artists

  39. Song, by Toad Records 2012 Sampler

  40. Weald
    Rob St. John

  41. Split 7"
    Rob St. John & Ian Humberstone

  42. Surrender to Summer
    The Japanese War Effort

  43. King Corpse
    Lil Daggers

  44. Don't You Touch My Fucking Honeytone
    King Post Kitsch

  45. Song, by Toad Records Sampler 2011

  46. Today I Need Light
    The Savings and Loan

  47. Duress Code
    Inspector Tapehead

  48. All Creatures Will Make Merry (Remastered)

  49. Cold Seeds
    Cold Seeds

  50. He Was Such a Quiet Boy
    Trips and Falls

  51. Split 12"
    Loch Lomond and The Builders & the Butchers

  52. Matter
    Jesus H. Foxx

  53. Nothing Broke

  54. Pissing on Bonfires/Kissing With Tongues


Song, by Toad Records Edinburgh, UK

An independent record label, blog podcast and gig night based in Edinburgh, Scotland. With added gin and swearing.

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